Performance is net of all fees and trading cost. PAST PERFORMANCE IS NO GUARANTEE OR INDICATION OF FUTURE RESULTS. Performance numbers are unaudited and although MCM believes returns numbers to be accurate and from reliable sources, MCM makes no guarantee as to the accuracy of these numbers. Performance numbers are an average of annual returns and are calculated using a discounted cash flow method. MCM’s portfolio is subject to the inherent volatility of the stock market. Performance numbers are computed and calculated by Advent Company, a NYSE listed company.

This performance data is provided as a service to interested parties and is for informational purposes only. Performance numbers do not include cash or bonds. Performance numbers are calculated from actual accounts, include both open and closed accounts, and are not hypothetical models. The performance information presented here is historical and is not indicative of future results. No assurance can be made that profits will be achieved or that substantial losses will not be incurred in connection with any investment. All investments involve varying degrees of risk including loss of capital.

This information should not be construed as an offer to sell, a solicitation to of an offer to buy, or a recommendation of any individual investment or strategy. Tax considerations have not been considered in these performance calculations. Investors should seek professional legal and tax advice for their individual situations. Any decision based on this performance information is the sole responsibility of the user. Your actual returns may be more or less than depending on many varying factors including but not limited to timing, size of account, current stock market conditions, current interest rate environment, investment objectives, risk tolerance, and economic conditions.